Good News about True Internet 4-16Mbps

The TRUE internet is available at phase 1 and phase 2/1 (phase 2/2 has only TOT)

True internet is available at  phase 1 and phase 2/1. In these two phases you have two options. One is TOT with fixed line telephone and internet and second is TRUE internet without land line. Metropark has an agreement with TOT about the land line, therefore TRUE is now allow to fix Internet, not the land line.

TOT and TRUE both are setting up their booths almost every alternate Sunday. During there promotion they provide free router and installation.

The cheapest Promotion of TURE  is 4Mbps line at 599 Baht per Month. Minimum one year contract. TOT is available at 490 Baht per month for the speed of 4Mbps and 107 Baht for land line.

For More Information about it please call true online at 083-233-1493 or 086-999-3902. Also can get all the information from the Management offices of these two buildings.

Phase 1 = 02-458-8167

Phase 2/1 = 02-458-8663

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