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information about metropark sathorn

BTS Skytrain Extention of Silom Line is coming near metropark sathorn

As per now (October 2012) the planning of Silom Line BTS Extension is to start as below.

Taksin – Phet Kasem Extension
S9    Pho Nimit    To be opened on mid of January 2013
S10    Talat Phlu    To be opened on mid of January 2013
S11    Wutthakat    To be opened on 12 August 2013
S12    Bang Wa    To be opened on 12 August 2013

One stop service for desired residents and residents of Metropark Sathorn

จุดศูนย์รวมบริการสำหรับ ผู้ที่กำลังมองหาที่พักอาศัย และ คอนโดเมโทรพาร์ค สาทร

Our site is ONE STOP SERVICE for current and prospective residents.

For current residents we provide all necessary information for any services you may need, from plumbing and cleaning services, to much, much more!    For prospective residents, we can provide all the necessary assistance to help you to find your ideal residence, and to make the transition smooth and stress-free, whether you are thinking of buying or renting.

Should you have an enquiry, which is not covered on our website, please feel free to call us, or email us at

Any instants Help for renting a condo in English and Thai: 086-324-2456

Good News about True Internet 4-16Mbps

The TRUE internet is available at phase 1 and phase 2/1 (phase 2/2 has only TOT)

True internet is available at  phase 1 and phase 2/1. In these two phases you have two options. One is TOT with fixed line telephone and internet and second is TRUE internet without land line. Metropark has an agreement with TOT about the land line, therefore TRUE is now allow to fix Internet, not the land line.

TOT and TRUE both are setting up their booths almost every alternate Sunday. During there promotion they provide free router and installation.

The cheapest Promotion of TURE  is 4Mbps line at 599 Baht per Month. Minimum one year contract. TOT is available at 490 Baht per month for the speed of 4Mbps and 107 Baht for land line.

For More Information about it please call true online at 083-233-1493 or 086-999-3902. Also can get all the information from the Management offices of these two buildings.

Phase 1 = 02-458-8167

Phase 2/1 = 02-458-8663

Map of Metropark Sathorn, BTS Skytrain & Shuttle Van

แผนที่ เมโทรพาร์ค สาทร, รถไฟฟ้า BTS และ รถตู้รับ-ส่ง

If you need more information about any of these, please write us at and we will reply you within 24 hours.

Van, Taxi and Pick-up for rent/รถตู้, แท๊กซี่ รับส่งสำหรับผู้เช่า

For 14 Seater Van can contact to Mr. Kan at 085-804-3409. Per day it cost 1800 Baht plus petrol

Pick-up for moving in-out and carry goods. 081-408-3376

Useful Tel. Nombers/เบอร์โทรศัพท์ ที่เป็นประโยชน์

Police : 191


Ambulance: 1554, 1646

Report of Lost anything on radio: 02-878-9000, 1677, 1644 Cho So Roi: 1137

Tourism Authority of Thailand: 1672

Tourist Police: 1155

Traffic Police: 1197

Highway Traffic Police: 1543

State Railway of Thailand: 02-223-7010

Inquiry for City Buses: 1584

Thai Airways: 02-356-1111

Bangkok Airways: 1771

Nok Air: 1318

Air Asia: 02-515-9999

PB Air: 02-261-0220

One-Two-Go: 1126

Shopping malls & Shopping Grocery etc

ศูนย์การค้า และ ร้านสะดวกซื้อ

For Daily Usable things can buy at 7-Eleven in the complex itself.

The mall Tha Phra is about 5 KM On Tha Phra Road

Future Park Bangkhe is about 3-4KM On Phet Kasem Raod

The Mall Bangkhe is about 8-9KM On Bhangkhe Road.

For Buying Vegetables and other grocery items  can visit Talad Sod on Phet Kasem Road

Where and how to pay Water, Electricity and Internet Bills

สถานที่จ่ายและวิธีการจ่าย ค่าน้ำ, ค่าไฟ และค่าอินเตอร์เนท

Electricity Bills:

The meter reading is done in first week of every month. Normally between 2nd to 5th of every month. Then the bill is send to each mail box between 10th to 12th. As soon as we get the bill, we need to pay immediately at 7-Eleven. They (at 7-Eleven) will accept the payment before the dead line only. Normally deadline is about 13th to 15th. So we have to make sure that bill is paid before that. If  dead line is already pass, bill can be paid at Head Office of the Electricity department, located at Klong Toy area. This is not so easy for foreigner.  Therefore it is very important to pay before deadline.

In case you have not yet paid at head office till beginning of next month, you will get a notice of power cutting. Then need to pay extra and will be more difficult to deal with.

Water Bills:

Water bill is coming from the office of management, in first or second week of every month. This bill must be paid at management office only. Not an issue for paying one or two days later. But it will keep your records clean if you pay on time.

Internet/Wireless Internet Card

The wireless internet card can be purchased at management office and need to pay there too. If someone wants to have a broadband connection, they have to apply for the land line, which cost about 2700 baht and takes about 2 weeks to set it up. The charges is depend on the speed we need. At this movement (December 2009) there is only TOT service available in all three phases.

But all three phases are now dealing with TURE and soon there will be more high speed internet options. The TRUE is expected to reach at phase 1 in month of January,2010. At the phase 2/1 and 2/2 it will be ready to use in month of February, 2010.

For more information, please contact to management office.

Phase 1: (RPM)

Phase 2/1: 02-458-8385  (QPM)

Phase 2/2: 02-458-8663 (RPM)

TOT: 02-445-4913-4

Ture: 02-900-9000