Internet & Telephone/อินเตอร์เนท และ โทรศัพท์

There are two service provider of internet. One is TOT and other is TRUE.

TOT is providing internet with their fixed line telephone no. There are several packges, starting from 490 baht per month, for the speed of 4Mbps.

TRUE will provide only internent connection. They are not allowed to provide fixed line. Their pacages starts at 599 Baht for the speed of 5Mbps.

If you do not want an internet but only the land line then we need to pay almost 3000 Baht to TOT, but if we take with internet then need to pay 599 Baht per month and this is one year contract.

TRUE internet is only availabe at Phase 1 and 2/1. The phase 2/2 will only have TOT.

For more information, can contact to the management office of each phase or TRUE call center at 02-900-9000 and TOT at 089-300-4218

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