Where and how to pay Water, Electricity and Internet Bills

สถานที่จ่ายและวิธีการจ่าย ค่าน้ำ, ค่าไฟ และค่าอินเตอร์เนท

Electricity Bills:

The meter reading is done in first week of every month. Normally between 2nd to 5th of every month. Then the bill is send to each mail box between 10th to 12th. As soon as we get the bill, we need to pay immediately at 7-Eleven. They (at 7-Eleven) will accept the payment before the dead line only. Normally deadline is about 13th to 15th. So we have to make sure that bill is paid before that. If  dead line is already pass, bill can be paid at Head Office of the Electricity department, located at Klong Toy area. This is not so easy for foreigner.  Therefore it is very important to pay before deadline.

In case you have not yet paid at head office till beginning of next month, you will get a notice of power cutting. Then need to pay extra and will be more difficult to deal with.

Water Bills:

Water bill is coming from the office of management, in first or second week of every month. This bill must be paid at management office only. Not an issue for paying one or two days later. But it will keep your records clean if you pay on time.

Internet/Wireless Internet Card

The wireless internet card can be purchased at management office and need to pay there too. If someone wants to have a broadband connection, they have to apply for the land line, which cost about 2700 baht and takes about 2 weeks to set it up. The charges is depend on the speed we need. At this movement (December 2009) there is only TOT service available in all three phases.

But all three phases are now dealing with TURE and soon there will be more high speed internet options. The TRUE is expected to reach at phase 1 in month of January,2010. At the phase 2/1 and 2/2 it will be ready to use in month of February, 2010.

For more information, please contact to management office.

Phase 1: (RPM)

Phase 2/1: 02-458-8385  (QPM)

Phase 2/2: 02-458-8663 (RPM)

TOT: 02-445-4913-4

Ture: 02-900-9000

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