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View The Metropark At a Glance Album

Metropark At a Glance

The whole project has three phases. Phase 1, Phase 2/1 and Phase 2/2 or called Lagoon Zone.

View The Picasa Album of Metro Park Sathorn Album

Picasa Album of Metro Park Sathorn

View The Pictures of Studio Album

Pictures of Studio

All the Studios in Metropark looks same and furniture is like this too. It is 31 Sq. Meter.

View The One Bedroom Condo Album

One Bedroom Condo

Mostly all One Bedroom condo are looks like this. The kitchen is at the back.

View The Two Bedroom Condo Album

Two Bedroom Condo

Every Two bedroom condos are cornet units and look like this.

View The Supalai Sathorn Album

Supalai Sathorn

Condo for rent at Supalai Sathorn.

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