How to rent a condo

The Simple way to rent a condo form us:

Thanks for visiting our site. Please find the tips for renting a condo from

Request for info: Please write us ( to know a brief idea about the location, facilities and rental amount etc.

Appointment: During conversation or by mail please make an appointment to visit the unit.

Visiting Unit: Please see the units with us  and find out all  the necessary information.

Making a deal: If the one like to condo, need to to talk about the rent, moving dates, required furniture etc.

Sign the contract: If both parties are ready, we provide a detailed contract (normally one year) and get signed by tenant and owner.

Deposit: At the time of singing the contract, the tenant has to make a security deposit (equal to two months of rent) and rent of current month. For example, if the monthly rent is 10,000 Baht then all together need 30,000 baht to sing the contract. 20,000 (equal to two months of rent) as a security deposit and 10,000 baht for advance rent of the current month.

We provide: When you rend a condo from us. We make a rental agreement, arrange the parking sticker, provide all the information about telephone connection, Internet facility and UBC service etc. We also provide the details on Laundry, maid and cleaning service etc.

As a conclusion,we guarantee our tenant to make their stay comfortable at metro park sathorn”

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